Decorative set

In this category of our website you can find ready-made decorative solutions for your design project. Here, as well as in the "Others" category, you can find things that didn't make it to the other places. Here you will find ready-made sets of appliances, furniture, ceilings, floors, service accessories, etc. All of these with finished textures and in high resolution. Made by professionals and checked for viruses and malware. You can download 3D meshes from our website in today's popular formats OBJ, FBX, BLEND etc. All of them are suitable for use with modern applications like Vray, Corona, Blender, Maya and so on. You can download them for free and even without registration. If you need to get more information about a particular set, just click on its preview. You will be taken to a separate tab with a brief description of the object and several download links.

Download 3D models of decorative sets for interior design

A set complete kit of popular pieces of furniture, where each has its own function and emphasizes the strengths of its so-called neighbors. In fact, it is a ready-made interior. All that remains is to add a little decor and get the best interior possible. Furniture sets allow you to stylishly equip any room, intelligently disposing of free space. The set could be also represented as a kit of furniture products, which is created to equip a particular room in the house: kitchen, bedroom, living room, bathroom or children's room. All items included in the group are made in the same style and have the same design features.

The formation of an overall style does not end with the choice of finishes and the purchase of furniture. Decor plays an important role – it is all about interesting things for the interior and small details that give the apartment and the house a special atmosphere. These small details in this category are combined into sets that harmonize very well with the surroundings. If you are engaged in a design project and creating a dream kitchen right now, then pay attention, like, for example, to the models of coffee cups with cutlery. That way you will save a lot of time without having to pick up the material individually and compose it.

If you have been puzzling over interior furniture for a long time, taking advantage of content from this subcategory is also a great and profitable option. Ready-made furniture models will seriously simplify your whole life.

Before we upload a set to our site, we check each one against a small checklist. We will give you a few tips, too:

  • When decorating a room, pay attention to its functional purpose. Designer figurines are unlikely to be appropriate in the bathroom, and romantic letters and inscriptions in the office.
  • Some objects are chosen taking into account the overall style and vibe of the room. For example, in the neoclassical style mirrors with shaped frames, velvet furniture, cushions and textiles are really welcomed.
  • Try to avoid an abundance of decor at all costs, otherwise it will become a visual noise factor.
  • By staking on the scale and choosing large items of decoration for the interior, you will take your eyes right away from everything else (sometimes from really, really important things). A painting on the entire living room wall will outshine the miniature pieces, so be careful.
  • Decorating the room with completed sets can be quite a rational thing – remember about it like always.