Urban Environment

In this section you can free download 3D models of urban environment objects for use in the programs like 3ds Max, Blender, Maya, Cinema 4D and others. Also there are models with materials for rendering in Vray and Corona. Model file formats are usually Max, FBX, OBJ, BLEND and others. Such objects will help you create realistic architectural projects with detailed content.

Download 3D models of urban environment

3D models making has rapidly burst into many areas of life, and construction is no exception. The promise of this process is that it has the potential to break down constraints and contribute to a fundamental shift in the relationship between architecture, construction and manufacturing. Thanks to the new technology, the speed of creating something is significantly increased, and configuration of it has become more and more diverse.

On this page of our website you can inspect various three-dimensional design projects from real professionals. You can download them without registration completely free of charge from any link and source convenient for you. We provide several URLs in case some of them turn out to be unworkable. All the art projects are displayed as previews, and if you want to look at them closer, you will need to click on them once, after which you will find yourself on a separate page dedicated to this or that particular item. All the meshes on our site are developed and presented in popular formats that are fully compatible with all modern applications. These formats are OBJ and FBX. By the way, if you know how to render, you can easily edit any model presented here by yourself in programs like Blender or Autodesk's 3ds Max.

In the category dedicated to 3D models of urban environment you may find various objects of cities, streets, roads, garden and household plots, parks, landscape details are placed. For example, you can download three-dimensional meshes of such objects as: bridges, fountains, benches, bus stops, poles, billboards, trashcans, curbs and paving, elements of lawns and sidewalks, fences (decorative ones as well), gates, traffic signs, telephone boxes, concrete blocks, barriers, playground objects, horizontal bars and stairs, fire hydrants, and many other things for attracted for and exterior, urban topics.

Also in this very section you can download three-dimensional objects of different buildings, not included in other categories. In addition, here it is possible to find models of small architectural forms such as: gazebos, mills, wells, sheds, toilets, booths, towers, water towers, some small urban and rural buildings, summer houses, cottages and other objects similar to them. There are both hi- and low-poly models, in different 3D formats with all the textures and shaders included.

All the variety of urban elements of the exterior can be found in this section. Download for free 3D models of doors, windows, shutters, dashboards, window sills, cornices, columns, skylights, gutters, pilasters, balustrades. If you need assets of statues, bas-reliefs, busts then pay attention to this subcategory.

By the way, if it happens that you are not interested in anything on our site at the exact moment, try to visit another time. We regularly update the content and upload new materials, so you will always have a chance to find something suitable for your particular project. You can check out the most popular meshes by looking at the column on the left. These are our highest quality objects, which accumulated the largest number of downloads, likes or views from users.