Barbecue and grill

This section invites you to find and download realistic 3D models of barbecues and grills to fill exterior, architectural projects and scenes. All the files we publish are presented in popular 3D formats like OBJ, FBX and others. They are fully compatible with rendering programs like Blender, 3ds Max Autodesk, Blender, Maya, Cinema 4D and so on.

Download 3D barbecue and grill models

3D barbecue models are not the most common category, but the files here can be useful to users in various life situations. For example, if you are artist, they will be helpful in making reference. If an art-designer creates a project for a country house he can, in order to show all the advantages of a country house, design a beautiful backyard with a lawn. But what backyard will do without a beautiful barbecue on which the delicious meat will be roasted? Really not a single one. That is why we have prepared for you a whole separate section devoted to various grills and barbecues. Even if you do not plan to build your own country house, different grills can still be useful to you if you are, for example, a game developer.

A 3D model of a grill is a great solution to recreate the right atmosphere, and you simply cannot even argue with that. Since all the models we publish are made by real professionals, you can count on first class quality. Right now, we do not have many barbecue and grill related items in our catalog, but this section will be actively ameliorated over time. But even now you can find models that look photorealistic and will fit almost any of your projects.

We care about each of our clients, so we give the opportunity to download meshes at any convenient time. We added some links for that (in case some of them would not work) where you can easily download our products for free. You even do not need to register – just go to the main page of our site, and then to the column on the left. There you will find many subcategories. You need to go to the "Architecture" tab, and then you will see a few more subcategories. Click on "Barbecue and grill" and you will be just in a right place. Next scroll through the models. Do you like something? Click on the preview of the item and it will take you to a separate page with it. There you will find a detailed description and a few download links.

Soon, not only open classic grills, but also innovative, modern ones will be added to this subcategory. For example, a mobile premium charcoal grill with gas ignition. We expect to introduce models suitable for different styles and interiors. A grill with a separate black chamber, with a thermometer on the lid and a handle built into the metal plane of the mobile table with two pairs of rollers, a grate shelf at the bottom of it and a sliding trash container will be a perfect solution. Such a barbecue unit is most suitable for modern interiors in Scandinavian or even high-tech style. In any case, in supplement to the grill itself, the meshes will also have realistic pieces of kebab threaded on skewers. As an addition to this section, items related to barbecuing and grilling indirectly may also appear from time to time. For example, kindling fluid, a bag of coals – things like that. This category is also made for posting small summer gazebos or benches: anything in general that in some way or another related to barbecue or outdoor recreation.