Other Electrics

This category, dedicated to other electrics, welcomes you with lots of different 3D models that can be used for even the most unexpected and unconventional things. The fact is that here you will find not only the home light switches we have all grown accustomed to, but also various switches and electronic boards, power supplies, different sockets and so on. The three-dimensional meshes from this category can come in handy not only for creating a quality architectural project, but also for making a video game. You can also download items from here for inspiration and for reference. All the content on our website is made in OBJ, FBX, MAX, BLEND format, so you can use it in popular and modern applications like Vray, Corona, Blender, Max, Maya, Cinema 4D and others. By the way, we provide all our 3D models for free! You do not even need to register to download anything. Isn't it a great reason to try something new and add our site to your browser bookmarks?

Download 3D models of other electrics

Generally, electronic components are referred to as radio components. Electronics in real life are needed to recreate technological processes, to complete some products, etc. In this section of the catalogue, we collect 3D models of resistors, transistors, capacitors, microchips, switches, relays, light elements for further use in instrumentation, board layouts, case development and other designer's needs. This section also includes assembled circuits, auxiliary components, connectors, etc. So, this section will mainly help electronic engineers with special education. Or for those who make a video game, as in this section you can find various items that will fit nicely into this or that setting. For example, we have three-dimensional meshes of solar panels – a great solution for creating a factory or some military facility in the desert in a video game.

Generally speaking, there are often cases where it is possible to understand the essence of a particular electronic component through a drawing or sketch. In other words, it is sometimes necessary to look at the electronic devices being designed from a different angle. In these cases, a three-dimensional representation of the electronic device being designed can be invaluable as a very handy 3D visualisation tool.

While avoiding all the peculiarities of choosing 3D design systems (which is a matter of everyone's taste), it is still worth paying special attention to the availability of 3D models of printed circuit board components, which are the basis for modelling almost all electronic devices. On our website you can find them.