Unity VFX

VFX (Visual Effects) are visual effects that are created for games through computer graphics. In fact, it is a tool to implement the image, atmosphere and any, even the craziest idea. Now it is more difficult to come up with a task that could not be solved by means of computer graphics. In the production of visual effects for games involved a variety of specialists, solving creative, technical and a wide variety of mixed problems. As a rule, for a person just starting to dive into this area the first discovery is that, in addition to aliens, robots and explosions in the movie a lot of invisible computer graphics. And the better the work is done, the less noticeable it is. In this section you can find different VFX for your games. To be more precise, you can find effects, particles, fire, smoke, explosions, magic, weather, blood, water, splashes, flashes, water, liquid, HUD and more. By the way, you can download these Unity assets without registration, and it's completely free. Add our site to your browser bookmarks, so you will never lose access to it!

Download Unity assets of VFX effects

Visual effects are used to create 3D models of various objects and characters. For example, to give life to people, monsters, buildings, cars, explosions, and much more. These 3D models are then translated into a scenario of real action, such as a monster attacking a city or a car explosion.

VFX consists of actual frames and processed images to create realistic conditions. The fact that fictional fantasy or sci-fi locations, elements of gameplay, there is no way to recreate in reality. Computer-generated imagery (CGI) and special software for VFX are used for this.

Turning to the theoretical basis, VFX differs from SFX in that it requires a computer to create visual effects, and they are usually added in the final stages of development.

There are many aspects to VFX, but they can all be organized into three main steps: CGI, compositing, and motion capture. Each of these is done either after the basic creation of the game layout or at the same time in a special studio where human movements can be captured.

Many artists, whose work is published on our website, use tools that help literally blur the line between real and unreal. One such tool is called HDRI.

Depending on the amount of work and the nature of the material, the period of work on VFX can take months or even years. That's why it makes sense to download these assets from our site - just to save your precious time, and spend it on something more important. For example, polishing the basic and most important game mechanics, because VFX - is, of course, beautiful and all that, but games are valued primarily for gameplay. Now VFX artists use a variety of programs to create high-quality images that are hard to distinguish from reality. For 3D modeling, animation and visualization these are, of course, Maya, 3ds Max, Blender, ZBrush and many others. You can see the top works in this category. All files have been checked for viruses, so you don't have to worry about malware.

So, VFX for the game is a unique microproject that has the entire pipeline of a full-fledged project. We are talking, of course, about various sketches, about storyboarding, and about creating a more or less working project with subsequent polishing.