In the catalogue of our website, you can find a variety of 3D models of trains and wagons – as modern as well as outdated, vintage, or even covered with rust. All content on our website was created in OBJ, FBX, MAX, BLEND formats, so if you want (or need) you also can work on these models by yourself using such modern and popular rendering applications like Vray, Corona, Max, Blender, Maya, Cinema 4D, etc.

Download 3D models of trains, railroad transport

This subsection of our catalogue will be very useful for those modelling rail traffic. The new 3D objects will allow a more realistic representation of train movements and help in presenting the models to customers.

3D objects for wagons and trains are commonly used in models of railway junctions and transport systems. However, you can also use all the content presented in this category as a reference for yourself. You can also implement these 3D meshes in your video game or any other project. You do not need to learn how to render the meshes yourself, as our professional designers have done everything for you. In this section you will find various wagons and trains – all textures included! All content on our site is made by professionals. Our 3D model library helps to project train traffic at train stations, marshalling yards, subways, container terminals and even coal mines. You can put them on rails in a special program and see what is what.

The first steam locomotive, designed in 1803 by Richard Trevithick, was a simple platform with a steam boiler. There were no conveniences for the driver, no basic protection from the wind and other important things. Such steam locomotives replaced horses in horse-drawn carriages. Trains in those days were like carriages pulled by locomotives. As steam engines became more powerful, carriages which resembled rows of carriages linked together were attached to locomotives.

In the past, all model trains were built entirely by hand, which was both time consuming and expensive. This has changed radically with the advent of 3D computer modelling. Now you can design a train using a mouse, keyboard and special software. Our designers have excelled in creating good and realistic models of trains and carriages. You can use them wherever you want!