Bed is a place for sleeping at night, resting during the day and the main element of bedroom furniture. Comfortable place to sleep: its environmental friendliness, properly selected materials, beautiful design, allow you to sleep well, maintaining health and efficiency all day long upon awakening. Bed design is chosen according to the stylistic design of the interior, room size, as well as personal preferences. You can download different 3d models of beds in different styles directly from our website for free. They are all uploaded in popular formats OBJ, FBX, BLEND, MAX, etc. You can use them in the most modern and popular rendering applications like Blender, Vray, Corona, Maya, Cinema 4D, etc. Our catalog is updated on a daily basis!

Download 3D models of beds

A lot of different styles are used to decorate interiors. And to create a complete and beautiful design you need to choose the appropriate furniture. The modern selection of interior styles allows you to find a design for every taste: from the luxury of palace decorations to African exoticism. Here are just some of the beds that you can find on our website:

  • Modern – a high-tech bed usually has a plain and a glossy headboard in white, gray or black. It can be on metal legs.
  • Minimalism – minimalist beds may not have a headboard at all. If there is one, it can be either hard or soft. The textures of natural wood are practically not used.
  • Exotic – In addition to the common options, which can often be found in various architectural projects, our catalog also has beds that emphasize the uniqueness and sophistication of different nationalities and countries. For example, there are plenty of beds in oriental style that have bright features like high carved spires, chiffon canopies, dark wood and variegated textiles available. If you are an Asian culture enjoyer, you may download the Chinese beds. Their style is often made of dark wood and red color. However, the shape of these beds is much simpler. It will have a rectangular headboard and a low base. It is also possible to meet there some beds in Moroccan style with one distinctive feature represented as the headboard in the form of a dome.

Be sure to browse through our catalog. We are sure you will l find something for you. If not, try visiting tomorrow – we are constantly updating content, so it makes sense to add our site to your browser bookmarks.