Wardrobe & Display cabinets

Cabinets and wardrobes are quite firmly in the interior of any living space. They are multifunctional, capacious and perfectly harmonize with other interior elements. No house can do without a closet, because there will be nowhere to store various things. With its help it is possible to systematize the entire household. In this category you can find different 3D models of wardrobe and display cabinets, which will suit almost any of your interior projects. They are made in OBJ, FBX and BLEND formats, so you can easily run them in popular utilities like Maya, Cinema 4D, Vray, Corona and Max if you want to work with them or edit them somehow. You can download all the content absolutely free and without registration.

Download 3D models of wardrobes and display cabinets

There are many varieties of cabinets, from classic bedroom to kitchen ones, as well as built-in closets and so one. A modern wardrobe can hold several types of clothing and various additional accessories at once. It is equipped with a large number of shelves, additional drawers, crossbars for different things and accessories. And all this fits into a small commode that does not take up much space.

Here are some examples of cabinets that you can find on our website:

  • Classic – this cabinet design involves a standard design, which is placed along one of the walls in the room. It can be small or quite bulky – depending on the model. It may include drawers, crossbars for things and shelves, additional compartments for storing things.
  • Closet – this cabinet design is usually located in office spaces right at the entrance. It is needed for convenient placement of outerwear before entering the home itself. Depending on the model, it may have additional compartments that are made in order to store hats.
  • Wardrobe-transformer – this kind of cabinets is designed for small rooms, where there is no possibility to place full furniture set. Transformer cabinets can combine a sleeping place and a working area – depending on the model. At the same time (when assembled) it is no different from a regular closet located along the wall or in a corner.

Okay, we have dealt with cabinets, but some of our readers may still have questions about showcases. A display cabinet is needed to create a sense of lightness and transparency in the room through the use of glass. Such a cabinet can add light and clarity to the interior – take this fact in mind and a heart when you are going to do your own three-dimensional project. Carved patterns and vintage fittings will be an artistic decoration for this very room. A separate addition to the interior will be plates and antique sets on the shelves. You can put the dishes in the cabinet yourself with the help of applications for creating 3D meshes, or download ready-made sets from us.

Anything can be used as a texture to make cabinets and wardrobes in general. But more often than not, designers favor wood textures when making display cabinets. After all, the wood looks aristocratic, rich and austere and fits into almost any interior. Follow these tips to create the perfect room!