A TV on the wall is a stylish addition to the interior thanks to its smart placement and fits perfectly into the overall design of the space or can be easily disguised by means of various design solutions. On our website you can find a variety of 3D TV models to suit any interior project. You can also use the 3D TV mash-ups from this subsection as a reference or inspiration. Moreover, the models of TV, plasma screens, projectors are perfect if you intend to create (or are already creating) a video game. All the items on our site are made in popular formats OBJ, FBX, MAX and BLEND, so you can easily download and use them in such programs for rendering as Vray, Corona, Max, Blender, Maya, Cinema 4D and so on. By the way, all content on our site is absolutely free and available without registration.

Download 3D models of TVs

Having a big appliance like a TV in the interior is not always cool – especially from the point of view of designers, who have to puzzle over how to place it. A television, however, is an essential element in the living room or lounge. In addition to its main task, it also performs a decorative function in the interior. Modern TV models are much more compact than their predecessors. Thanks to their convenient dimensions, new ways of arranging multimedia equipment have emerged. To save space in the room, the equipment is placed on the wall. This variant is ideal for compact rooms. On our website you can find many different realistic models of TV 4K format from leading, worldwide companies such as Samsung, LG, etc.

To bring harmony between your TV and all the nearby elements, we use special carved frames, decorated with three-dimensional figures. Like pictures, they accommodate TV sets, making their appearance appropriate for baroque, empire or rococo – that is the main trend in 3D architectural design of a room. A TV with such frames will definitely embellish the overall decor. The frame can be several times larger than the TV model or just right for the size of the appliance.

When choosing projectors for an interior, many people wonder how to do it right. Back at the beginning of the last century, cinema became an indispensable part of everyone's life. At first, people were able to set up a home cinema with the help of small televisions, but now everyone has the opportunity to create a real cinema at home. Projectors come to the rescue, as they allow you to create a large-scale image in any room. A common misconception is that a projector in the living room is a mistake, but times have changed and now it is quite acceptable. There are small form factor projectors that can provide plenty of light for an open plan living room. You can find three-dimensional meshes of these projectors in our catalogue. Just browse through this section and you are sure to find the TV or projector that fits perfectly into your interior design project you're about to bring to life!