Unity 2D Assets

Unity is an insanely handy thing that does a lot for us. It offers very cool tools for video game development. That's why it is in such demand right now: game development, with the right approach, becomes no more complicated than assembling a construction set. The Unity platform itself provides a wide range of tools, but sometimes even they are not enough. That's when our site comes in with a bunch of assets, models, and example projects. This section is dedicated to various 2D assets. That is, here you can download various textures, materials, 2D characters and environments, sprites, UI elements, GUIs, fonts and more. You can get it all for free and you do not even have to register. Add our site to your favorites so you won't miss the newest and hottest content!

Download Unity 2D assets for mobile and desktop game development

If you don't have much experience in app development yet, keep in mind: our site is a huge storehouse of content. It is, you might say, a bicycle that has already been invented before you. You can find here a lot of free content in 2D assets.

Why have we devoted this section specifically to 2D assets? Look at the games market: 2D games are going through a rebirth, if I may say so. To see this, just look at the indie sector in any major game store. Or go to the app store with an Android or iOS smartphone and see that 2D projects have long ago turned into a thriving niche. So if you decide to make a 2D game on Unity, first make sure you have all the right tools in your arsenal to ensure a proper quality product. You can download a lot of different, really high quality assets for your game projects on our site. Right in this subsection.

Don't believe that 2D is objectively a profitable and good niche? Well, let's dispel your doubts. You probably know about games like Cut the Rope and Angry Birds. These are really hits with a huge number of downloads. Judging by them, you can say with confidence that the 2D-genre is not dying, but on the contrary - slowly but surely reviving.

By the way, if a little dip into the information component, 2D objects in terms of correctness are called sprites. They are essentially standard textures, but there are special techniques to combine and manage them more effectively during development. For example, Unity provides a built-in editor that allows you to extract a sprite from a large image. It allows you to edit image components within a single texture. You may use it to separate a character's arms, legs, and body within a single image, for example. And we brought this up for a reason. Our treasure trove of content on 2D models will help you find what you've been looking for. Items from here will work equally well for both Unity and Unreal Engine, so if you're developing on the latter, it won't be a problem. We've taken care of everything. All assets come in a standard .unitypackage format and can be easily imported into your game.

So, 2D assets are a great way to get started with something as part of game project development. It's easier to interact with two-dimensional items than three-dimensional ones, so it's just a great option for a beginner. But even if you're already an experienced developer, and you know a lot about game design, that's not a reason to leave this page. You'll be able to combine our 2D assets and 3D assets to create your dream project. We have a really big content library that includes literally hundreds of items.