3ds Max addons

3ds Max is one of the oldest and most popular programs for working with computer graphics and any good specialist will always be looking for ways to make it more comfortable for themselves, because it will allow them to do their work better and more efficiently. At our website you can find a variety of plugins and scripts for 3ds Max. You can download them for free, and you do not even need to register.

More precisely, here you will find Vray, Corona, Arnold, Fstorm rendering, SolidRocks, Chaos Phoenix and other addons that will surely help you in creating your projects.

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Free download addons, plugins, scripts for Autodesk 3ds Max

3ds Max is used by artists in the field of visual effects and modeling. This software is very useful for designing buildings, infrastructure and construction, as well as for product development and production planning. In addition, it can also be used to develop video games.

And you wouldn't think that addons that make it even more convenient and practical wouldn't be invented for such a popular and thoughtful program, would you?

"But why would I even need addons?" - you might ask. The main purpose of addons is to simplify the process of working in the program and make it more efficient. To understand what plugins and scripts you need to download, you need to understand what you want to do in 3ds Max. For example, 3D modelers need plugins like Poly Cloth or Quad Remesher, and if you are developing any kind of architectural project, you should take a look at the plugin named Floor Generator. You can find all that stuff on our website and download it for free.

For 3ds Max a huge number of plugins is released. Their whole list would not fit even in a huge book. But you do not need to install all of them. It is important to find exactly those that will meet your specific objectives. Without some addons, no matter how much you want, you won't be able to complete your architectural project - if you decide to take an unconventional approach and put as many cool elements as possible into your brainchild.

Most plugins are paid, but it's usually more profitable to use them than to spend time looking for free alternatives, or even to do most of the work entirely by hand. If you do everything yourself, you just might kill a few hours modeling plants by hand, and this can be done with a plugin in just a couple of clicks. The good news is that on our site you can find fully licensed addons that will help you with solutions including non-trivial problems in just a couple of clicks. And you can download them absolutely for free!

What addons can you find on our site?


A kind of unique plugin which allows you to configure and manage V-Ray. It can be described as a systematizer and process automator. With its help you can reduce the time to adjust the render in the scene. If you do not have special knowledge of rendering, or you simply do not have the extra time to work in detail with each scene, SolidRocks is definitely your choice.

Chaos Phoenix

This plugin is designed to create a wide range of effects, such as, for example, fire, smoke, various liquids, flames and explosions. With Chaos Phoenix you can also simulate different objects: fog, waves, splashes and more. Quick and easy setup makes it easy to get started and its wide toolset gives you a chance to create really complex and unusual effects, suitable for indie games as well as AAA projects.

Fstorm render

Fstorm render is a relatively new GPU renderer for 3ds Max. Its advantages are great rendering speed/quality ratio, ease of use and simplicity, but also the high quality of the final projects.

Due to what Fstorm makes the picture beautiful? Well, for example, adaptive sampling, which allows you to get a really impressive picture with minimal time consumption. Fstorm render features an improved mapping system and it also has the ability to add raytracing to the project.

All of the above addons you can download from our website. That's only a small part of them, so to get a complete idea of how useful our project can be for programmers and designers, we recommend that you scroll through the directory - there you'll find many more interesting things for yourself.