Office furniture

Properly built office design not only solves the problem of ergonomic arrangement of employees, but also performs a number of other, no less important functions. It introduces customers or potential customers to the concept of the entire enterprise, increases the productivity of employees, has a positive effect on their physical, mental and emotional health. Interior design office is based not only on the location and style of furniture, wall colors. As for the employees, for them, it is - in most cases - limited to the space of the desk (place). Find a variety of furniture and decorative items that can easily decorate the office space, making it as comfortable as possible, you can in our popular formats FBX and OBJ. You can download these 3d models for free, then load them into any application for rendering (it can be Vray, Corona, Cinema 4D, Max, etc. - to your liking), then work with them and make them as you want to see them.

Download 3D models of office furniture

Office style design is the first thing a companion sees when he arrives for a negotiation. It is not only the face of the company, but also its intellectual center. The most important decisions are made here, meetings are held, contracts are signed. That is why its design should correspond to the company's image and be a peculiar example of impeccable work.

The color of the walls should be chosen first, since they will be in front of the staff's eyes for most of the day. Remember that there is no universal wall color for the office, it all depends on what the company does and what is the function of the room. Wrong colors of walls and furniture greatly reduce the productivity of employees. Bright colors irritate the nervous system and lead to rapid fatigue. Therefore, if the company does not have to produce creative ideas at the speed of sound, red and yellow colors will not do at all. Calm halftones and shades increase a person's ability to work, promote concentration on the task at hand. Ready three-dimensional office space in OBJ and FBX formats you can easily find on our website.

If you are going to translate an architectural project from our site into reality, choose office furniture, based on parameters such as the potential number of employees, the overall condition of the room’s area and the approximate number of visitors. The main function of office furniture is to create a comfortable environment for activities. The office assumes the presence of computers and office equipment, which take up a lot of space. This should be taken into account. If the office is assumed to have large-sized equipment, there will be a need for separate boxes on which you can place all the equipment.

If you are placing an order for large companies, note that they are likely to have a large amount of paperwork. In this case, shelving or filing cabinets are needed. The variety of cabinets for documents is chosen solely by functionality: primary documents, instructions, regulations and orders are always more convenient to keep at hand.