Among the many options for tables, console ones are undeservedly neglected. And yet it is not a bad option that can be harmoniously suited to a variety of interiors and styles. Consoles can combine a variety of functions if you complement them with a sliding mechanism. Usually they are represented as a narrowed table of usual look. The consoles can replace a dressing table or become a stand for lamps, vases, caskets and some other decorations. Download console tables in different designs with a full set of textures on our website. All 3D models are made by professionals in popular formats BLEND, OBJ, FBX, MAX. They are fully compatible with modern rendering programs like Vray, Corona, 3ds Max by Autodesk, etc. All completely free and without registration!

Download 3D models of consoles for architectural projects

The console table is distinguished by the fact that it is versatile and can be placed in almost any room – hallway, bedroom or living one. You can get the best composition: the main thing is to successfully combine the object of our discussion with some accessories like pictures, lightning lamps, chairs and with the general atmosphere of the room. It is only required to find your own idea.

The prototype of the console table was widely used in ancient Greece. It supported protruding parts on a building. For example, a balcony or a cornice. In ancient times it was often made in the form of an atlant. In modern buildings, they have been replaced by way more conventional brackets. The classic console table therefore acts as a wall-mounted element. In the past, the tabletop was firmly fixed to the partition, allowing only one or two legs to be used for table stability. Over the years, the piece of furniture has gained full “independence”. The functions of console tables in a home interior are multifaceted. That is why they come in a variety of forms. And when decorating the interior, it is not really difficult to choose a model that will fit perfectly into the overall design. That is also about compability with textures. Here are just some examples of console tables that you can find on our website:

  • Separate ones– you could call it a full-fledged small table, but at the same time they are very narrow. Because of this, these models are not extended into the center of the room, but are often left against the wall. There are no strict limits in the design of tables like these, so you can easily find instances on (for example) some wheels. And this is exactly the kind of console table we have in our catalog too!
  • Side ones – a classic table, which looks like a table that is been pre-sawed in half. It may even have just one leg. If you are going to be creating your own architectural design, it is important to know that it will need to be anchored to something, as it cannot stand upright on its own and will easily fall over.
  • Wall-mounted ones – most often in these tables the decorative leg does not even reach the floor. It might not even exist at all. In this case the console table may look like a regular shelf, but with a round or oval shape. It often comes with a mirror, so you can see them installed in a hallway or serves as a substitute for a dressing table.

We all know that imagination is unlimited. Do not be afraid to experiment, and 3D models from our site will help you to realize even the most complex and non-standard project.