Animated creatures made by humans – robots, are as fascinating as they are scary. But do not worry, with this collection of 3D robot models you risk nothing. Unless you just get a lot of enjoyment out of using them! 3D rendering applications like Vray, Corona, Max, Blender, Maya and Cinema 4D have given many designers and even scientists access to robot imagery that is accurate, efficient and above all lowers production costs. These 3D robots are inanimate, but you can still use them in your design or gaming project. You can download all content from our website completely free of charge and without registration. All 3D meshes are made in BLEND, MAX, OBJ, FBX formats, so they are perfect to work in rendering applications.

Download 3D models of robots

Discover our selection of the best 3D robot models, all these magnificent creations were made by our professional design team. This collection includes free files of many robots. Here you can find a variety of robots, ranging from fighting machines (that exist in real life) to fantastic cyborgs or characters from movies, cartoons or games.

Very soon, robots will become a close part of public life – In fact, they already are. Already today, robots clean streets, build houses, do some office work and even disinfect streets. The field of robotics is an actively developing and hopeful one. Humanity has even now learned how to create robots from living cells. We keep a close eye on how our mechanical friends are doing, and we believe they are the ones who will give us a hand into the world of truly high-tech. Is not that an excuse to recreate some interesting design project involving them? Our 3D models are sure to help you do just that. You do not have to make them yourself. You can simply download them from our website completely free of charge. All our content was handmade by professionals, so you do not have to worry about its quality – everything here is really top-notch.

Androids are humanoid robots. Often, various organic elements – skin, tissue, blood, etc. are added to androids to increase their resemblance to humans. In some science fiction works, androids have been described as electromechanical robots with a human appearance. In other ones, authors called androids fully organic, but yet artificial creatures. There were also many meanings in between. Also, in many works of science fiction, androids have their memories erased, with the result that they live unaware of their true origins.

Our designers have envisioned androids as robots that bear an almost complete visual resemblance to humans. You can find various 3D models of androids that are virtually indistinguishable from humans on our website! You can use them to create a cyberpunk or science fiction project.