Kitchen Furniture

Today the kitchen is one of the most important places in the home. It is not only where food is prepared, but most of the time it is also where people eat. The kitchen is where people gather in the evenings, have friends' evenings and so on. It is extremely important that this part of the flat should be not only practical but also aesthetically pleasing, because it will delight not only the family but also their guests. We understand this, which is why we asked our creators to make the best possible 3D kitchen designs. You can download kitchen furniture 3d models from us, or entire sets in the same style (or even entire finished kitchen rooms!) in OBJ, FBX, MAX, BLEND and other formats. These formats are the most common and important, and are suitable for use in rendering applications like Vray, Corona, Blender, Maya and Cinema 4D. By the way, you can download all the content from our website for free. You will not even need to register!

Download 3D models of kitchen furniture for architectural renderings

When choosing design ideas and thinking about kitchen renovations, try to consider several aspects. When planning a design project for any modern kitchen, first decide what your main and primary purpose is. Will the kitchen just a place to cook? Or maybe you want to create a kitchen-dining room, or even a kitchen-living room? And that is where 3D kitchen layouts come in. The furniture and style of accessories will depend on what you choose to do with the space. Of course, the interior design of a modern kitchen includes not only the selection of modular furniture, but also recreating the overall, atmospheric vibe.

When you are getting down to creating an architectural kitchen design, make sure you use every inch of it to make your kitchen roomier. If the horizontal space is limited, make sure you plan the storage space vertically: install additional shelves on the wall that is free of the kitchen furniture and put themed utensils everywhere. If you have extra space, you can extend the interior of your kitchen with a breakfast bar. Our professional designers understand what the perfect kitchen should look like, so you can simply download ready-made 3D mash-ups from our website. You can also work with the ready-made content to add your own assets. If you have downloaded furniture models for the kitchen from another section, you should note that when placing the kitchen furniture, you should think about the ergonomics. Try to plan it out so that there is enough working space for cooking. It is a trendy thing to those who live in smaller flats. We understand that, and that is why this section of our catalogue features compact, corner-like solutions.

For a more authentic kitchen, you can also choose some unusual materials for the worktop, or perhaps you can decorate the kitchen walls with various bowls. A stone worktop looks great and is also robust and comfortable. A glass or plastic kitchen worktop will also add a touch of originality. You will also find beautiful floor tiles or high-quality wood flooring in our fitted kitchens. The interior should remain attractive and cozy at the same time.