Sink and faucet

A good sink should not only be attractive, but also comfortable and functional. The convenience of the product will determine the comfort during cooking. Moreover, a quality sink will last for a long time. This is all very important when you are designing a 3D architectural project. On our website, you can find various 3D models of kitchen sinks to suit all tastes. They are made in FBX, OBJ, MAX and BLEND format, so you can use them in popular rendering applications as you see fit. We are of course talking about utilities like Vray, Corona, Max, Blender, Maya and Cinema 4D. All content on our site is free and there are no viruses in it, so do not be afraid. Download what you like!

Download 3D models of sinks and faucets for kitchen interior design

There are these basic types of kitchen sinks:

  • Single – the simplest and most compact model that is suitable for kitchens with a small work surface. Most often made in a rectangular shape. Quite roomy and comfortable.
  • Dual – the model with two taps built into the working surface.
  • Corner-like – usually used when a unit is installed in the room. Such a model consists of two small rectangular bowls. The space between them serves as a working surface.
  • Platform-like – such a model is like an extension of the worktop. The platform will hold washed dishes, hot pots and pans and other containers if needed.

You can easily find these and other 3D models of sinks on our website. They are all relevant to almost any flat or house, so download any of them to recreate your own architectural design, you cannot go wrong. Everything is made by professional designers and with anatomical precision. We even expect you to be able to use these 3D meshes for your own design ideas!

When choosing a model to create an interior design you need to consider not only the size of the sink, but also the texture and appearance. The most popular textures are in the form of artificial stone, stainless steel and ceramic.

A quality sink is the foundation when it comes to designing and building a proper kitchen interior. The tint palette of products is quite wide – It can include green, red, pink, brown, beige and other various colors. Browse our catalog, so that you will find a lot of interesting and unique sinks that are sure to fit into the interior of the kitchen that you create!