Bathtub and Jacuzzi

The jacuzzi in the interior is not just a more luxurious version of an ordinary bathtub, which will make the whole room design richer and more presentable. It's also the perfect way to relax after a hard day's work. An evening spent in a hot, bubbling jacuzzi will help you chill – the pleasant and hot water will relieve muscle tension and noticeably improve your general well-being. So, if you are designing your own bathroom, take a look at this section of our website and study it carefully. Here you will find models not only of various luxury jacuzzies in different styles, but also of some conventional and common bathtubs. All so that your project can look winning and cool! The 3d-models on our website are made in OBJ, FBX and BLEND format, so you can use them in rendering applications like Vray, Corona, Max, Maya, Cinema 4D or Blender. By the way, you can download all the content from our website absolutely free and you don't even need to register to do it.

Download 3D models of bathtubs and jacuzzies

There are quite a few varieties of jacuzzies. The main differences between them lie in the design, the position of the jets and their type of massage action. There are two types of jacuzzies: stand-alone and combined.

If we are talking about the first type, we can also divide it into three other subcategories:

  • For full-body;
  • For full-body with bowls;
  • For sitting;
  • For just specific parts of the body.

The bowl in combined options goes with a shower. It can be integrated into it as well. These types of jacuzzies are suitable for small spaces and for owners who prefer a shower cubicle for washing.

In all types of jacuzzies, the massage element is the jets, and they have their own differences. They are divided into large and small according to their size. Accordingly, for larger areas, such as the hips and back, there large massagers provided. For smaller zones, just like feet and neck, smaller massagers are provided.

The functions of a hot tub do not end with the therapeutic and cosmetic effects. In addition to its practical function, it also becomes part of your bathroom interior, which is why it is important to consider the design of the product. The size, shape and colour determine the appearance of the jacuzzi. You can find a wide variety of models here. Just browse through the catalogue for both large and compact meshes.

The choice of bathtub is very important for the furnishing of flats and private houses. It is about creating comfort and maintaining a healthy climate. Not so long ago there was no such variety in them. But nowadays you can find various 3D models of bathtubs made with different textures. You can also select options according to the shape of the bathroom and its dimensions. Before downloading something, pay attention the overall condition of the premise in your interior project.