Brick textures

Interior designers and architects often have the task of creating a realistic brickwork model. The seamless brick textures help to give the right degree of detail to the patterns in the design. We are talking about PBR materials of course. Apart from interior design, decorative coatings and architectural projects, brick textures are widely used as a background for websites and in the development of video games. In our catalogue you can find a large number of textures of bricks for every taste. All of them are made by professionals with observance of quality standards. They are free of viruses, so you can download and do not be afraid of that thing.

Free download Brick seamless textures

Sure thing – you can create all the textures you need in Photoshop by yourself. We are sure that you will do it perfectly, but it may take a tremendous amount of time anyway. That is why we suggest you download seamless brick textures from our website – without any extra effort or cost. To select the right variant, you just need to have a look at our catalogue, read the description and go for the file. You will have access to three download links, so if any of them fail, you can always use another one. You can also preview each texture. Take your pick!

We are constantly updating our collection of high-resolution brick backgrounds and textures, checking each picture for seams and other defects in special programs like Blender, Unity, Unreal Engine, 3ds Max and Photoshop.

If you need brick textures in high quality for your architectural projects or web development – download proven variants from our catalogue! Here you can find a variety of brick textures. Red, yellow, white, beige, brown, grey and black colors are available. But the seamless brick textures in this section do not just differ in color. They also differ in layout. For example, you can find old (moldy, mossy), decorative, silicate bricks. We are planning to widen our catalogue with more and more textures, so there will also be transom variants painted with special patterns and shapes. If you want to edit these textures in any way, you can easily do so, as many textures in this catalogue have special effects such as bump, ao, roughness, reflection and displacement.