PBR Textures

PBR are the special textures. The acronym itself stands for physically-Based Rendering – rendering based on physically accurate data about light reflection and refraction. This technology allows creating realistic surfaces of materials in modern 3D programs (Blender, 3D-Coat, Modo) and game engines (Unity, UE4, Cry Engine). Many PBR texture packs also include special maps: diffuse (albedo), normal, metallic, roughness, and ambient occlusion, which are essential for shaders. You may free download and use PBR textures in various utilities. For example, in Substance Designer or Substance Painter when you paint. Also, they are suitable for some rendering applications like 3ds Max, Maya, Cinema 4D with Vray, Corona modules

Free download Hi Resolution PBR textures

If we speak more about the potential of such images, we can say that the textures of the PBR are used as a substrate, or a background element for creating a specific composition and many architects, and designers are constantly using them to create interiors in 3D and various architectural forms.) Original and unusual textures are, of course, the most valued because they can be used to create truly unique variants for decoration.

But despite the huge range of textures on the internet, for an architect and a designer working on a project, the quality, especially of the free options, often leaves a lot to be desired. Not all textures can be found, and it can take a long time to find good textures, especially if you limit yourself to the free offerings. This is where our website comes to the rescue. Our designers are true professionals in their field, so they are ready to offer the best content possible. And, most importantly, they are willing to offer it for free.

It is also worth realizing that seamless textures are the most valuable. The reason for this is that when creating duplicates of such elements (which is very often done by designers and architects), the seams will be hidden, giving more room for manoeuvre to the same creators. Today, textures are incredibly popular, often using the most unexpected elements. For example, the same wallpaper, which is practically irrelevant, remains in demand today. Despite the fact that the peak of their popularity has fallen into oblivion, using them you can often achieve various effects in combinations.

In some sections of our website, you can find high-resolution HDRI images for creating realistic backgrounds, lighting and reflections for rendering. We only upload textures of good resolution to our website. We are talking about a minimum of 2048x2048. You can use them in both 3D and 2D graphics. The file formats available for download are the most common: JPG, PNG, TGA, TIF and others. In most cases you can estimate how the given material will look on the rendered image in the preview.

PBR textures are, first and foremost, a highly specialized solution. They are most suitable for such areas as VR and game engine development. That is, areas where you want to simplify and unify the shader calculations, when the textures are applied in a complex way and over the whole model at once. In this context, PBR textures are a simple and versatile solution that you can use everywhere when it comes to the areas mentioned above.