Medical equipment

Medicine was one of the first industries to decide to harness the potential of 3D modelling for practical purposes. Moving from the simple to the complex, leading designers, in collaboration with medical professionals, considered using 3D meshes as real-world references or objects to showcase on presentation slides and in various lectures. In this category of our catalogue, you can find 3D models of anything related to medicine. We are talking about scalpel, clamp, wheelchair, dental chair, boron machine, dropper, tonometer, medicine cabinet, uzi apparatus, cardiograph, tomograph, x-ray machine, tablets. You can easily find all of these in this section of our catalogue and download them for free. You do not even need to register. All the 3D models in our catalogue are in modern formats FBX, OBJ, BLEND, MAX, so you can use them in such rendering applications as Vray, Corona, 3ds Autodesk's Max, Blender, Maya, Cinema 4D and others.

Download 3D models of medical equipment

3D modelling in medicine makes it possible to create three-dimensional models. The technology has found application in aesthetic dentistry, oncology, otolaryngology and other fields.

Three-dimensional models printed on the basis of additive technologies combined with computer tomography have become one of the indispensable achievements in the field of medicine. Three-dimensional images of diseased organs are transformed into a high-quality picture and then converted into 3D models.

Simulation makes it possible to prepare for surgery in the best possible way and to study the features of the disease. For example, when preparing for surgery to remove a tumor, doctors carefully study the size, shape and outline of the neoplasm in three dimensions in order to understand what tactics to choose during the operation.

Of course, you can use 3D models of medical accessories from this category for a completely different, non-medical purpose. Although the content in our catalogue is based on real medical references, it is not suitable for full medical research. But you can still use it in an architecture project! Different saws, stethoscopes, drawers, scalpels and other tools would be great for creating the right atmosphere in a hospital or operating room interior project.

By the way, here is an interesting fact – did you know that doctors were able to print a three-dimensional model of the skull and implant it into a person? This very surgeon helped save a human life: a patient had part of his skull removed due to swelling of the brain. Scientists printed a piece of the skull from pure titanium. Of course, our 3D models cannot do that. But you can still download them as a reference, to decorate the location when creating your own video game and much more!