Discover our selection of many miscellaneous 3D objects to create the perfect architectural project for your home or flat. In order to recreate a complete, concise and harmonious environment, you always need countless small details that you can download as 3D meshes! If you choose to do this from our website, you do not even need to pay or register. Simply choose your favorite model from the catalogue, then click on the preview and go to the individual model page. There are a number of download links in the catalogue and you can click on any of them. All for your convenience! Our 3D models are made by real experts in their field, so you can have no doubt in their quality. They are presented in FBX, OBJ, BLEND, MAX formats. You can use them in such modern rendering applications as Vray, Corona, Max, Blender, Maya, Cinema 4D.

Download 3D models of miscellaneous items

The miscellaneous category is one of the largest subcategories on our website. This is where we upload content that, for one reason or another, could not make it into the other categories. So, you can find almost any kind of 3D models here. The main core are baskets, boxes, lock, flag, barrel, flashlight, bucket, sledge, bowler, canister, chest, but that's really not all. Once you enter this section, you have a chance to get stuck here for a long time! We are sure your eyes will be dazzled by the variety of content here.

This section is perfect if you need some reference, inspiration, or are looking for the right 3D mesh for your video game. It also contains a lot of helmets, from quite realistic (medieval, tactical modern) to fantasy ones, among other things.

But if you have come here looking for objects to help spruce up your interior design project, we can offer some advice.

You will mainly find various barrels and boxes here, so keep in mind that boxes in the interior can be an original decorative element. Beautiful wrapping paper, wallpaper, foil and fabric scraps are great decorations. Sometimes packaging can rival gifts in beauty, and it is always the first thing that gets attention. But you should be!

Imagination and ingenuity are the best decorating tips. You can use the ideas of our designers to adapt them to your interior design needs!

Try to arrange the boxes and barrels in the interior design so that they do not overshadow the overall picture of the room. The most important and important objects should always remain in view. However, you can place other objects on top of the boxes and barrels downloaded from our catalogue, thereby making the environment as concise as possible.