Maya addons

Maya is one of the most full-featured 3D applications out there. It's extensive and functional. This means that as you progress, and as you increase your skill, you'll need to master more and more areas of the utility. Various addons - plugins and scripts are designed to simplify this task. You can find a huge collection of them on our website, which will suit almost any of your architectural or game projects. To be more precise, this subcategory of our website contains various plugins for Autodesk Maya, like Arnold, Vray, Peregrine Labs Yeti, Golaem Crowd, Chaos Phoenix, Malcolm341 All Mel Script Pack and more.

You can download all of them absolutely free and you do not even need to register. A unique possibility to get quality plugins, don't you think?

Download scripts, add-ons and plug-ins for Autodesk Maya

There are many ways you can improve your UX from using Maya (like MEL or plugins).

MEL is Maya's built-in language. It simplifies various activities.

Many people will tell you that MEL is enough for them, but if you hear something like that, chances are those people aren't delving too deeply into the program's capabilities. You will only be able to unlock its full potential with various plugins that have been developed by professionals. These plugins are developed by companies or large studios with a big budget, so you won't have any problems with them. This subcategory contains the best addons for Maya that can help with specific tasks, from creating a huge number of objects to going directly from 2D to 3D objects.

Here are just some of the plugins you can find on our site:

Blue Pencil

This plugin is designed to greatly simplify the work of 2D artists who want to switch to 3D. With its help you cannot only create full-fledged sketches, but also perform various manipulations with them - change, delete, etc. By downloading Blue Pencil you will be able to fine tune settings such as transparency, for example.


This plugin was created in order to simplify the process of creating animations. Despite the fact that it may seem that the word "simplify" and "animation" are two opposite things, and this plugin will reduce the functionality, it is not so. On the contrary: it will expand it. Thanks to the fact that AdvancedSkeleton5 has a fine-tuning system of rigs, you'll be able to save a lot of time on character creation, but without losing anything in terms of quality. On our website you can download its extended version.


ShotView is a useful and fairly simple addon that makes the camera in the application smooth. This tool is an indispensable solution if you use several monitors at the same time, because you can save a lot of time with it. Moreover, ShotView allows you to look at an object from different angles and using different field of view, so fine details can be worked out much easier.

Tween Machine

This plugin is used to simplify keyframe animation. Keyframe animation has always been a time-consuming task and requires a lot of effort and knowledge. Tween Animation interrupts the animation process to optimize all the right frames. You can trust this addon 100% as it was created by true jack-of-all-trades in this niche.

Of course, this is not all the addons for Maya that you can find on our site. There are a lot more. Moreover, we are constantly updating our content, so if you couldn't find something suitable for you now, just try to look a little later.