Environment elements

To create realistic architectural 3d-scenes you need to add a lot of detailed elements of the environment. In this section you can free download 3D models of environment objects for use in the programs like 3ds Max, Blender, Maya, Cinema 4D and others. Also there are models with materials for rendering in Vray and Corona. Model file formats are usually Max, FBX, OBJ, BLEND and others.

Download 3D models of different environment objects

Environment forms of buildings are initially born in the architect's imagination in the form of harmonious and beautiful three-dimensional images. The history of architectural development proves that the authors of buildings of all historical periods excelled in 3D modeling, flawlessly transferring monumental ideas to the plane of drawings. It is simply impossible to raise an object without understanding and masterly handling such elements of three-dimensional design, such as shape and volume, planes and sections. Creating a 3D model, even at a primitive beginner level requires knowledge of the basic properties of materials and a full understanding of construction technologies.

The advent of the modern computer and graphics software allows the creation of particularly any three-dimensional models in architectural design. Such a toolkit gives just unlimited space for the creativity of architects, designers and film producers.

All projects should have not only two-dimensional drawings, sections and views, but a full section of 3D modeling of facades, interiors and other items.

Developing facades of buildings in 3D programs, the architect has the ability to create a virtual model and link it to a particular area on the ground. All objects are created from a selected figure, which is part of a set of primitives’ 3D modeling programs. Our library is so extensive that it is quite possible to download almost any model of the real world here.

3D technologies have become commonplace for us. We use them in our daily lives, we love entertainment based on three-dimensional simulations, and we have already started to learn how to live in a virtual 3D environment.

When creating a 3D world, you will be able to use two different types of environments – buildings and landscapes, created in third-party 3D editors. By the way, it is worth mentioning that usually landscapes are created in the Unity’s landscape editor. The fact is that the Unity engine is really powerful. With its help you can quickly and easily implement, edit and optimize the 3D models that you downloaded from us.

On our site you can download any 3D environmental element model you like. It can be almost anything: from a tiled roof of a building to a boulder. In general, this category is quite similar to our other category "Other". The only difference is that in "Other" we publish material that cannot be attributed to any of the other existing categories. Despite the large variation of things in the tab "Environment elements" they all (one way or another) have a street theme. You can find and download the models completely free and without registration. There are plenty of meshes dedicated to dirt, grass, buildings, soda machines, etc. All that you will find on the site were made by professionals in the most popular OBJ and FBX formats. They are also fully compatible with all modern professional rendering applications like Blender, Maya, 3ds Max Autodesk.