Roof textures

In this collection you will find all types of tile textures, including natural and glazed tiles with different types of stonework of this piece roofing material. All content on our website has been developed by professionals to meet design needs. You can download it for free - you don't even need to register. All content is presented in 2K-8K resolution, in JPG and PNG formats. These images are PBR, so they are not in danger of loss of quality if you decide to overlay them on objects.

Free download seamless roof PBR textures

The texture of the tiles is unlike any other. This roofing material for roofs is impossible not to recognize by its characteristic bright brick color and specific herringbone pattern. To fill the graphic elements, namely the roofing of houses, you can download a tile texture on our website for free. There are many varieties in our collection, which vary from the method of laying to the color shades.

IRL shingles come in different types and patterns, such as pressed or flat, ceramic, silicate or cement-sand. Because of their different composition and characteristics, shingles have a slightly different appearance. The color of tiles depends not only on the composition of the material itself, but also on the degree of firing. It can take on the appearance of a rich brick color to a pale grayish hue. To change the shade of tile covered with a special paint or glaze. We try to give our customers maximum freedom of choice, that's why we upload diametrically different variants. Simply choose the one you like best. If you click on the texture preview, you'll get to a separate page where you can read more information and get some working download links.

If you dive a bit back in history, a tiled roof is a classic that comes from a long time ago. Our reality shows that tiles made from clay in the form of stoneware are very popular. in construction, so it's not at all surprising that they are often used in design or drawing architectural projects. If you apply a tile texture to a 3D model of a roof, you'll quickly see just how worthwhile the undertaking is. Especially in recent times when there has been a boom in private construction.

Let's now go through the types of roof tiles. Today, under the term hides several roofing materials. We will only be interested in three, one of which is a tile, the other two are its counterpart, very similar in shape and size. So, the ancestor of tile structures is ceramic tiles. It has counterparts in the form of cement-sand and polymer-sand.

A roof covered with tiles, looks presentable. It is impossible to argue with this. It emphasizes the status of the owner of the house. Because the roofing material - not a pleasure from the cheap. Plus, under it will have to lay a strong truss system. And this is also a lot of money. And the service itself mount tile on the roof will cost a pretty penny. All these factors, of course, are taken into account during the creation of architectural design. And with our PBR textures, you can create the perfect design that proves to everyone that the customer is a man of taste, status and money.