Other furniture

In the category "Other furniture" you can find almost any furniture that for some reason was not included in the other categories of our catalog. In general, this section is very similar to our other section called "Other". The main difference is that in the general category "Other" we select absolutely all projects that do not fit into other sections thematically: it can be weapons, clothing, cars, elements of interior and exterior, etc. The "Other furniture" category contains only furniture that, for whatever reason differs from its counterparts. You can download all models completely free and without registration in popular formats OBJ, FBX, MAX, BLEND etc. Use the downloaded 3D meshes in applications like Vray, Corona, Maya, Cinema 4D and create unique expositions!

Download 3D models of other furniture

Our catalog is constantly being updated. We also upload material to this category as it becomes available. We have professional designers working with us who create only high-quality and unique content. If you did not find what you wanted in other categories, it makes sense to look into this one, because here may be exactly what you were looking for. By the way, here you can find a lot of custom designs. Also here we include not very popular and rare furniture. Besides, in this category you will find such interior items that are unlikely to come to an ordinary person's mind when he is designing an interior. Well, for example, beds of unusual shape. Our collection has models from real companies that are engaged in manufacturing of various furniture. One such company is ASTON MARTIN. You can find and download for free their deck chairs, armchairs and beds right in this category. But that is not all of course. We also have 3D meshes from rather small and local companies like the Danish HOUSE DOCTOR. We are sure that lovers of rare and unique things will appreciate what they are producing. By the way, all the meshes on our site are made according to the models of real furniture, so you will not have any problems if you want to recreate them in reality (at least according to the approximate design).

If you have any questions – go to the section "Contact Us", then fill out a ticket and enter all the necessary information. Our administrators will quickly answer and help you.