Create a living fence not only on the plot itself, but also inside buildings or even flats. It is realistic to zone the space and decorate the walls of rooms. The planting material used is climbing plants, grasses, shrubs. It is possible to make a neat fence of vegetation in pots or create a real living wall. In our catalogue you will find a large number of fitowalls for all tastes and colours. All 3D models are created in popular formats OBJ, FBX, MAX and BLEND and are ideal for use in modern rendering applications such as Vray, Corona, Maya, Cinema 4D, 3ds Autodesk Max and others if you want to edit them slightly - for example, to change colour or texture. You can download all content from our website completely free of charge and without registration.

Download 3D models of fitowalls, vertical garden

Fitowalls are living walls adapted to a room not only in terms of finish and dimensions, but also in terms of light, climate and operating mode. Usually 3D models of fitowalls are needed by designers who are going to create a room with them. They are rarely used in other areas. Of course, you can still use 3D meshes of our fitowalls and hedges for your references and for creating video games, but the main purpose of these 3D models is exactly the layout and creation of the interior.

Limited space in a flat or house is not a reason to give up on gardening and spectacular living decor. When designing a vertical garden, not only aesthetics and effective forms should be taken into account. The design must be comfortable if you are going to implement it in real life. Make sure that the plants in the hedge are densely packed, but not too close together. Only in this way can you give them enough air and not make them squeeze each other out. Harmonious plant distribution is one of the basic principles of vertical plant arrangements and fitowalls. Synergy in a composition is achieved through the correct combination of plants in terms of texture, shape, size and colour. Multifaceted compositions with a proper rhythm are interesting to look at. They always have something to catch the eye. The bottom row in a fitowall is usually denser and lusher than the top row. At the top of a vertical garden, model plants that are more tolerant of drought should be placed, because moisture evaporates more quickly at the top. If you take all of the above tips into account, you can easily recreate a competent and concise interior design that can be implemented in real life without any major problems.